Dream Dragons Theatre


Based at Singleton Village Hall, with rehearsals on Wednesdays from 7.00pm to 10.00pm, DreamDragons have staged a variety of productions including Pantomime, Farce, Variety Shows, Drama and even a Medieval Mystery Play.


In addition to rehearsals for performances, stagecraft workshops help develop members abilities. Sound, lighting, scenery, set decoration, props, costumes, publicity and administration are also important and continue to be enhanced and developed.


DreamDragons is a member of The National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA). Founded in 1899, NODA is the main representative body for amateur theatre in the UK. It has a membership of some 2400 amateur / community theatre groups. Any one who is interested in any aspect of theatre, Costumes, Music, Performing, Scenery building/painting, selling tickets, making teas the list is endless is more than welcome.


Dream Dragons have a web site   www.dreamdragons.co.uk  which provides full contact details and show information, including their latest production.

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