Existing Main Hall & Extension


Main Hall (holds 140 seated / 200 standing)                                               £15.00 per Hour

Extension D/stairs (holds 60 seated / 80 standing)                                £15.00 per Hour

Extension U/stairs (holds 60 seated / 80 standing)                                £15.00 per Hour

Committee Room (holds 30 seated / 50 standing)                                   £10.00 per Hour

1/2 Extension U/stairs                                                                                   £10.00 per Hour

(Please note hourly rate is applicable up to 6pm. Any time after 6pm Evening rate applies as shown below)


Kitchen (Extension use)                                                                                     £20.00

Music licence – PPL                                                                                                £15.00

(PPL applies if any music is played at all – either by a professional or from a personal device.)


All day Main Hall or Extension until Midnight                            £380.00 (incl. PPL)

Evening Rate Main Hall or Extension (6pm – Midnight)             £165.00 (incl. PPL)

Clearance and Cleaning Service Main Hall (optional)                £100.00

Clearance and Cleaning Service Extension (optional)                £100.00


Sundays Main Hall only available from 1.30pm till Midnight / Extension Halls from 12.30pm till Midnight


Deposit payable at time of booking
(please contact booking secretary for costs)

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